for board game publishers

Dear board game publisher,

You just launched your new game and want all the world to know about it? The world is a big place, but we can certainly do something about Munich!

Our board game café is a place visited by many board game enthusiasts ranging from people who are new to that area and have only played Risk and Monopoly till now to the heavy board gamer who plays KDM, Gloomhaven and Twillight Imperium. Our service includes explaining our games to our guests. By doing this, they have a great time without the need to read rules. We are well established in our area.. If you Google “board games Munich” „board game cafe Germany“ or something similar we are on #1. Also „Spielen München“ („playing Munich“ in German) puts us on page #1 (among Bayern Munich, the famous football team).

We carefully and independently select the games we recommend according to our knowledge. If you want to see your game in our library and benefit from us carefully explaining your game to our guests you can contact us at presse (at) in order to discuss further details. Please do not send us any games we have not agreed upon. If you are a small company and produce expensive games, can not afford to offer a demo copy and still want to see your game in our shelves, you may also contact us. If your game is very special, we may spend some money to obtain it.

Games in our library have to fullfill some criteria:
– if it is a medium to heavy strategy game: a bgg rating higher than 7,5 or
– it has won awards or
– other reasons why we should recommend your game, which you can explain by email.
-it is a game of one of our cooperation partner.

In order to become a cooperation partner you have to:
-publish games that are of good design and include good quality components
-send us demo copies of your games.

As a cooperation partner you benefit from having your Logo at our website and  at our Café.

At the moment we are looking for good games for big groups as well as fun, party games, but are open to suggestions for other games as well.

If you have more questions send an email at presse (at)