Welcome to ZAMgwürfelt – the Board Game Café in Munich

ZAMgwürfelt at Spiel 2018 in Essen

Florian will attend Spiel in Essen to establish cooperation’s with designers and publishers. If you want to get in contact with Florian to support the ZAMgwürfelt or just to chat write to Florian@zamgwuerfelt.de.


The ZAMgwürfelt opened on the 29th of September 2018

  • Over 400 board and card games to choose from. Our friendly staff is happy to help you pic a game and with the rules for a quick setup.
  • Very big gaming tables and comfortable chairs. Our biggest Table measures 2,70m to 1,20m to support big groups.
  • Many different gaming events are planned like tournaments and prototype sessions.
  • We serve a wide variety of drinks, snacks and on the weekend’s homemade food and cakes.
  • Coming soon: retail store were you buy the fantastic game you just played or order games and gaming accessories.


Beta-Testing is over

During the two weeks our beta-testers played, drank and ate but most importantly gave us lots of feedback on how to improve our Café. We thank all our Testers for your open words. We are working hard to implement all your ideas to give you the board game café you want.


Startnext Campaign was sucessfull

A big thank you to all who participated. You are awesome! 103 backer contributed 4.307€ to our cause, which will help us give the finishing touch to the Café.


How to stay up to date

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