Welcome to ZAMgwürfelt – the Board Game Café in Munich

We welcome you to the one and only boardgamecafé in Munich

  • Hundreds of board and card games to choose from. Our friendly staff is happy to help you pick a game and explain the rules for a quick setup. Many of them are English or language neutral.
  • Very big gaming tables. Our biggest Table measures 2,70m to 1,20m to support big groups.
  • Many different gaming events are taking place every month. Tournaments, gaming groups and pre-made sessions – check our events page (currently in German). There is also an all-you-can-eat Breakfast every Sunday.
  • We serve a wide variety of drinks and snacks.
  • We are getting more and more games for our retail store, where you can buy the fantastic game you just played and gaming accessories like card sleeves.

For the board game service provided we charge an entrance fee of
7€ per person for the whole evening (17-24) on weekdays
7€ per person for 4 hours of gaming time on weekends. Every additional hour: 2 Euros (counted in 15-minutes steps of 0,50€).
5€ per person for playing under 2 hours.
Kids, Pirates, TCG-gamers and Chess-players pay half of the entrance fee.
Please note that every Person under 16 years has to be accompanied by an adult.

Unfortunately we can’t afford the resources to update all our events and information continuously in our pages in English.  Our english speaking staff will hapilly answer your questions on the phone: +49-89-55284482. You can be sure that there is always someone in the café speaking english.